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Re: Advice on 2 1/2 year old?


I couldn't agree with Heidi Smith more in her advice about letting a young
horse develop naturally.  One of my horses is from a show barn where turnout
with other horses was frowned on because of the possibility of getting a boo-
boo that might result in a scar.  The poor horse was never socialized and
doesn't even know what mutual grooming is all about.  Might as well have been
an orphan.  I sent him to Wyoming as a yearling to grow up outdoors (no, an
outside 12x12 pen with only partial shade does not qualify as "outdoors") and
hopefully develop the bone, soft tissues and agility that nature intended.
Count yourself lucky that you are in a place that does turn out for as long a
period as they do.  Let her socialize with a few other horses if possible.
But let her rip around and let her stress all the parts of her anatomy that
will need to be strong when you start to condition her for endurance.  I
strongly advise against her wearing sports medicine boots as it will delay the
strengthening of the soft tissues.  If she is predisposed to injuries because
of conformational problems then you need to know before you start
conditioning.  Good luck with your future endurance mount.

Melanie in AZ

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