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Re: Advice on 2 1/2 year old?

I share your concern about protecting her legs and have done quite a bit
of research into "pasture protection".  I have  set of sports medicine
boots that I swear by for riding, but because of the neoprene material
they are made of causes heat build up, and also the ability for dirt or
debris to get down iside the boot, they were not recomended for long
periods of time.  I have always used polo wraps--they are only minium
support/protection, but none of the other problems (except of increasing
your horse laundry <G>)  You could increase the support some by using
quilts and track wraps.   Through my inquiries, there was one company
that made a boot with air flow holes in it that ould be left on for 12
hours.  I think they were in Millers Catalog. (I have every catalog in
the world but do you think I can find Millers...)  Good luck.

Joe & Steph


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