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Re: horse registry question

Hi Mary,
American Part Blooded Horse Registry
4120 S.E. River Drive
Portland, OR  97267-6899
Ph. 503-654-6204
Fax : 503-698-8615

The APB registers non-full-blooded horses
There are no age, color, or marking restrictions.
A horse having one registered parent is eligible for
registration as a half-blood. A crossbred has parents
registered in two breed organizations.
The APB has been operating internationally
since its founding in 1939. After the United
States, most of the foreign business comes form
Canada, Germany, and Australia.
Forty-Five breeds are represented in APB,
including such varieties as Lipizzan, New Forest,
New Zealand Pony, Zweibrucker, Icelandic
Pony, and Trakehner.


Mary Watkins wrote:

 My mares dam is registered by an association called APBHR.I found this to mean American Part Blooded Horse Registry.Does anyone know who they are or where I can call them at ?I really would like to know what breed that is....please send email to:trotalot@wt.netthanks Mary and Star! 

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