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Re: AERC Bylaws Change Vote


The suggestion I made does not eliminate shorter rides, it only makes
sure the shorter rides can't be confused with a Limited Distance it eliminates a totally useless "36 to 49 mile AERC ride." 
Please note that I said:

<<<<.Personally, I think LD should remain at "25 to 35 miles" and AERC
needs to add some rule verbiage that eliminates any ride that is 
"between 19 and 24 miles - and between 36 and 49 miles" from being held
at the same time and place as a sanctioned AERC Event.  That allows the
legitimate "fun ride" to continue and eliminates a useless & potentially
harmful distance of 36 to 49 miles.  It would, hopefully, eliminate the
unsanctioned LD Ride that some RM's call "24 miles".

Randy Eiland

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