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SandyDSA (SandyDSA@aol.com)
Fri, 19 Dec 1997 23:32:05 EST

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Well John, glad to hear that OF came through for you - it must depend on who
you are, because my experience with them is more in line with Sandy's
experience. I have sent my saddle back to them several times and had my
horse and saddle down to them 3 times - and have finally concluded that they
are now either unable or unwilling to make repairs on my saddle. The
problem is that the panels are out of alignment -(which has happened twice
previously) higher on one side than the other, causing the saddle to shift
to one side of the horse (the side where the panel is lower. I was at OF
with my horse on November 1, having called first, explained my problem and
was told that it could be repaired. When I got there Len Brown came along
and said the saddle was fine, the problem was my riding - I stand in the
stirrups occasionally. He never looked at the saddle except to show me how
the panels flex - which I know they do. I also ride in a Sharon Saare and a
Frank Baines and only the orthoflex shifts. Can't all be my riding! I am
always interested if people on the list have a problem with a vendor that
they havn't been able to resolve - and this vendor is one that advertises
through you.
Thanks Betsy,
Geez people, PLEASE go try to work with this company and THEN come tell me you
think this is out of line. I am saving every single complaint I read on here
and they are LEGION!

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