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AERC..loss fund

Kimberly Price (PLOUGH1@ix.netcom.com)
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 15:26:01 -0800

This is just a suggestion I've never seen come up before.

What IF, a small % of AERC dues or fees are set aside to compensate ride
managers who lose money?...Or...an insurance fund set up by AERC and
each rider contributes a $1.00 toward it? Something like that...

Of course, they'd have to prove the loss was due to unforeseen factors,
not bad book keeping.

First years funds would be paid out the following year, the total amount
divided by the number of rides to see what would be available to each
ride. If a ride didn't need the pay-off, that amount would be forwarded
to the following year. It would only help compensate but probably
wouldn't cover the entire loss.

Wouldn't this be a way the AERC could support the rides it endorses?
Surely their new and improved computer system could handle such a thing?
Maybe more people would be willing to put on rides if the risk factor of
being broke were reduced.

Just a suggestion, don't flame me, if a terrible one, then lets drop it.
IF not, lets ask AERC.

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not Saturdays!"
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