ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: AERC..loss fund

Re: AERC..loss fund

Fri, 19 Dec 1997 02:51:35 EST

They do this in SERA.. SE area.. a new ride will be supported by the
regional org.. to insure the new ride does not go broke..

this is a one time deal first year..
think its quite a good idea.. then a rider turing ride mgr.. wont have to sell
the farm to support a ride..
i dont know all the details.. samm bartee may comment..i am sure there are
some strings attached..

would not expect aerc to do this.. they are not doing well keeping the nat org

should be a regional issue.. i believe all the aerc have a local reg group
except the NE.. we just could not get one working up there

the SERA and Geo ERA groups are strong and well supported here in the south as
well as the FL group..
The recent combined annual SERA and GERA meeting was great..
had a great time..a pre aerc blast..warmup

roger r

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