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Re: Girth guards

Linda S. Flemmer (bluwolf@earthlink.net)
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 20:50:06 -0800

Linda Flemmer wrote:
> << Hooks Saddlery of Kalispell, Montana has VERY nice girth protectors.
> You can look them up in directory assistance. It's a very good custom
> saddle shop. Most folks haven't heard of them as they make a very
> limited number of high quality saddles.

Teddy Lancaster replied with the following message. I knew that Hook of
Hook's Saddlery had semi-retired, but didn't know about the shop's name
change. I was there a few years ago to see the new owner's work and it
is quite good. I believe that the fellow had worked for Hook for some
time before taking over the shop. Rumor has it that Mr. Hook is still
making some saddles personally - I guess retirement got boring. Thanks
ofr the update, Teddy!

> I have one of their saddles....very nice. It is now called Montana Pack and
> Saddlery. Fred sold it a few years ago, but still has some ties.
> Teddy

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