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Chris Paus (paus@micoks.net)
Wed, 10 Dec 1997 19:54:37 -0600

All this talk about feed. I'm a newbie to endurance riding, but I've
always believed in simpler is better and it seems to be working for my horse.

He gets a regular ration of a half-pound crimped oats every day wtih a glop
of wheat germ oil and a tablespoon of Clovite or Accel vitamins whatever I
can get locally.

He gets free choice hay or pasture depending on the season. Every ride
we've been to, the vets have complimented me on his condition. We ride
about 3 x a week for training and once a month competitively. On race day,
he gets just a tad more oats, not much, with electrolytes. He gets hay at
every vet check, and maybe an apple treat.

On CTR rides, his heart rate is always in the low 40s. At endurance, his
heart rate is in the low 50s. He always has plenty of juice to go farther,
more energy than I have at the end of a ride.

The horse is a 10 year old grade arab gelding that I bought last year and
have very little idea of his past history. Maybe I got lucky and just found
an extra good horse, but I've learned from my other equines that often
times with feeds and supplements, "less is more."

chris paus & Star

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