ridecamp@endurance.net: RE bringing on a young horse

RE bringing on a young horse

Rob & Kathy Dobrowsky (arikaras@iafrica.com)
Wed, 10 Dec 1997 17:07:52 +0200

We back a horse at three years,then leave then untill they are four years
old.Bring them in and school them,loads of ring work,quite outrides with
other horses.At five years we take them for there first 30 kilometre
ride,they will do three 30 kms rides in a season.At 6 years they do one
thirty kilometre ride and two 60 kms rides.At 7 years they are finally
ready for three 80 kilometre rides (50 milers).A long slow process but the
horses never have tendon injuries or any other problems after being built
up slowly,it is well worth it!I have seen far too many young horses ruined
by too much too soon .As for 100 Milers,I only do thoses on a older more
experienced horse about 10 years of age or older.This is just what we do
here and it definately works for us!
Just my 2 cents worth from Africa
Kathy "Shanni"15 years young and getting better by the day and
"Lightfoot""going on 8 years and really competitive .I wanna do a 100 Miler
and beat them Arabs **LOL**

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