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Truman Prevatt (truman.prevatt@netsrq.com)
Wed, 10 Dec 1997 09:58:13 -0500

>In a message dated 97-12-09 13:32:19 EST, truman.prevatt@netsrq.com writes:
><< Has anyone tried this? Is it going to be distributed outside the Va area -
> or are the locals going to have even a biger advantage at the OD?
> >>
>yep your right.. only from PENFIELD feeds in PA.. so we cant get it..
>stuff looks great.. corn is rolled and heated.. very good..
>very high fat..
>home team advantage..

>Jeannie and the Crandels use it as well as many from the PA/MD/VA area..


I remember at a distance clinic where Dr. Jeannie was speaking some years
ago. When someone asked about supplements she suggested to get your own
food milled to your specs. Right Jeannie, you think there are good feed
meals around here that I would trust. Must be nice. Anyway I've been
using Farr Legacy for a while - and really like it. It is based on
shreaded beet and also uses steam rolled corn. It's gets most of its
energy form fiber (beet) and is about 6% fat. The horses love it and it
seems to work well. They will even eat it laced with large amouts of
electrolytes - especially if it is soaked.

Can't get it to far out of FL right now since the only mill modern enought
that Cargil has to mill this feed is in FL. I guess handleing shreaded
beet takes different equpiment than grains.

So I guess I should be happy and shut up. But it was a pain taking enough
feed for two horses for two months to CO last summer.


Truman Prevatt
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