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Feedback on refund policy

Terry Woolley Howe (cancer@inetworld.net)
Tue, 09 Dec 1997 11:00:31 -0800

I know there was a big ruckus earlier in the year when some riders were
upset when a rider who had passed prevet check decided to cancel the
morning of the ride due to bad whether and wanted a refund.

At our rides here in San Diego we give the riders a full refund if they
cancel, do not show, or for any reason that they do not ride. That
works for us here because we very rarely have bad weather, so as the
ride manager I take the position that if the rider does not ride, he has
a valid reason and I don't even question why.

I am curous though what the riders and managers from other parts of the
country (and locally also), feel is a reasonable refund policy. i.e.

1. Should the rider get a full refund if they call and cancel at least
a week before the ride?

2. Should the cost of the dinner be deducted if the rider called after
a dinner count was given to the caterer or person preparing food?

3. If a lot of riders cancel just a day or two before the ride, should
the cost of the fee for an unneeded vet be proprated among the
cancelling riders and deducted from their fee?

4. Should a portion of the entry fee be deducted based on how close to
the ride they cancel? (i.e. 50% the day before, 25% 4 days before, 10% a
week before, etc.)

5. Do you think a rider who does not notify ride management at all, and
just does not show, should be entitled to a refund?

I have noticed that some ride entries do not indicate a refund policy.
I personally would like it to be required by the ride managers that a
refund policy be stated on the ride entry.

6. If the entry does not state a refund policy, and you cancelled,
would you object if the ride management did not refund your entry fee?
Would that effect whether you attended that ride again?

7. Do you think ride entries should be required to indicate a refund

Terry Woolley Howe
San Diego

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