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stretching head and neck

Fuchsia (fuchsia@mhs.mcn.org)
Tue, 9 Dec 1997 12:17:28 +0300

My horse Sierra has been stretching his head down at all gaits since I got
him, and I know it's to loosen up his muscles. Stretching relieves tension
from his neck, back, and hindquarters, and actually relaxes him a lot. I
would recommend allowing your horses to do so as they please (unless
they're really using it as an excuse). It's a pretty safe bet with Sierra,
since putting his head down really mellows him out. He doesn't do it toward
the beginning of a ride because he feels somewhat threatened by so many
horses, and really wants to get up and go, but as the crowds thin out
behind us, he relaxes and stretches out. Sometimes his nose almost hits the
ground, but most of the time he travels with his neck stretched, and his
poll about two inches below his withers. He's happy that way, and it's not
a sign of fatigue with him.


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