ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: Feedback on refund policy

Re: Feedback on refund policy

Bill & Dee Fortner (wfortner@peop.tds.net)
Wed, 10 Dec 1997 12:06:05 -0600

Terry Woolley Howe wrote:
> 1. Should the rider get a full refund if they call and cancel at least
> a week before the ride?
I, for one, think they should. There are so many things that could come
up, for instance, the horse could get sick or come up lame, the rider
could get sick, family members could be ill or injured or the transport
vehicle could break down. All of these things are behind anyone's
control. If any of these should happen, the rider has some real
expenses to deal with and really needs the refund to help pay. Without
a refund policy, I feel it discourages many riders from registering in

> 2. Should the cost of the dinner be deducted if the rider called after
> a dinner count was given to the caterer or person preparing food?

I don't think it should. Has this been a real problem? Are we talking
3 or 4 entries or 15 - 20?
> 3. If a lot of riders cancel just a day or two before the ride, should
> the cost of the fee for an unneeded vet be proprated among the
> cancelling riders and deducted from their fee?
No. Again, how many riders are we talking about? I have read some
discussion where the vet could be called and cancelled without any
problems. He/she would probably enjoy having a day off.

> 4. Should a portion of the entry fee be deducted based on how close to
> the ride they cancel? (i.e. 50% the day before, 25% 4 days before, 10% a
> week before, etc.)

No, I feel a full refund should be given.

> 5. Do you think a rider who does not notify ride management at all, and
> just does not show, should be entitled to a refund?

Yes. In my case, one time, I was on my way to a ride and my truck broke
down twice before I decided to turn around and go back home. It was too
late to notify ride management. Should I be penalized for my
misfortune? It only causes me not to want to pre-enter for future
rides. Also, I have less funds available to enter future rides.

> 6. If the entry does not state a refund policy, and you cancelled,
> would you object if the ride management did not refund your entry fee?
> Would that effect whether you attended that ride again?

Yes I would object, for the same reasons I stated above.
> 7. Do you think ride entries should be required to indicate a refund
> policy?

I have heard that some ride managers are losing money when they put on
rides. Is it because of poor turnout or because some pre-enter and then
don't show? I would think that pre-entry would give the ride management
an indication of how many to expect, but it has been my experience that
a lot of riders just show up, which tells me there are always more in
attendance than the ride management expected anyway. So, I don't
understand what the concern is. Maybe there are some underlying
problems I am not aware of. If so, let's hear them.


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