ridecamp@endurance.net: correction to dry matter calculations

correction to dry matter calculations

Teresa Van Hove (vanhove@unavco.ucar.edu)
Thu, 4 Dec 1997 14:08:13 +0700

Sorry, I cant let this go even though the calc doesn't have any endurance
relation, blame it on being an engineer.

----------------------------begin inclusion----------------------------
Pasture forages can range considerably in moisure content. But, as an
example, if a particular pasture has a dry matter content of 23% (77%
moisture), then the same 1000 lb horse will need to graze 26.6 lbs of
pasture to meet his recommended needs:

[(1000 lb horse * 1.5% DM feed per lb of horse) * (77% moisture content
+ 100% base)] = 26.6 lbs of pasture needed.
-------------------------------end included-------------------------

The correct calculation would be:
[(1000 lb horse * 1.5% DM feed per lb of horse) / 23% DM content) =
a whopping 65.2 lbs of pasture.

>>The water in the grass will
quickly be absorbed by the small intestine (1/2 hour or so after
ingesting), so in turn, Sugar Lips will take fewer trips to the watering
hole. >>

and since water weighs something like 7 lbs per gallon, this just means
65*77%/7 or 7 gallons less water the horse
has to drink.


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