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Re: Ivers last comment on Carbos, etc

Linda VanCeylon (LVanCeylon@vines.ColoState.EDU)
Thu, 4 Dec 97 13:25:44 -0700

>This is a good, thinking, post Teresa. Remember, though, that shaving time
really something that has to be done throughout an endurance "race". If
not a competition, then none of my stuff matters at all--everybody can
with hay and joyfully stagger in whenever.

ti >

Hi Tom, long time since we've chatted.

I think most of us, whether riding to finish or "racing", can benefit from
the realization that the carbohydrates are our primary energy source for
the long run. Tom, your "rule of thumb" of 1# per hour sounds similar to
what most of us do on a regular basis, no matter where we plan to place.
It's good to hear that tried and true methods have some basis in researched

Energy is a primary concern for endurance work. A horse may not be ready
for speed work, (maybe he's too green or returning from injury) so, I'll be
riding to finish. I, for one, don't ever plan on "staggering in whenever".
I plan to finish at the time that is comfortable for my horse, where I've
trained him to perform. If he's ready for a 7-hour 50, that's where we'll
aim. If we're ready for a 4-hour 50, we'll do that. I should never ask
more than I've prepared him to give. But, if we "stagger in whenever",
I've failed. I've not conditioned, fed or ridden my horse property. I
always plan to finish with a horse that has enough energy to go on.

Glad to know that hay and grain still work and that carbo-loaders work,

Thanks, Tom.

Linda Van Ceylon

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