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TrotALongK (TrotALongK@aol.com)
Tue, 2 Dec 1997 04:18:46 EST

My "all time favorite" is a sheepskin full saddle cover that I bought at a
used tack store in San Diego. Together with the easy ride stirrubs it's tuned
up my all purpose saddle for long hours on the trail. And because it didn't
have a price tag and the guy at the store knew a lot more about surfboards
than horses I got the thing for $25 (he thought it was an old saddle pad and I
didn't want to argue...).
Besides that I love the biothane tack as well as my self made yacht reins. And
I think that the new sheepskin saddle pad that I brought back a week ago from
Germany will soon be part of my top ten list - I'm just a little bit irritated
that my saddle slips and slides around more than on the ordinary fleece pad.
Any advise???
Btw, if anyone is interested in this kind of pad for a reasonable price (under
$100 for an english style saddle) let me know.

The worst - well, if I look around in my tack room there're quiet a few
useless investments that all have involved a learning process in one way or
another: the so-called "no turn" bell boots (did they mean they don't turn 360
degree, only 180?) - it didn't fix the throw-shoe-problem anyway. The draw
reins that a friend gave me 'cause she thought my arab should learn how to
hold his head at the vertical. And of course all the good old leather reins...
But most of all that walking horse bit that we bought for our first Fox
Trotter because the previous owner said the horse is used to it and all the
gaited horse people in the area were using the same kind. Lasted about a
week... Starting to think about the Fox Trotter brings back quiet a bit of
tried-this-done-that memories...


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