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Re: Gaited Horses

TrotALongK (TrotALongK@aol.com)
Tue, 2 Dec 1997 04:54:11 EST

My friend did the Coso Junction 25 last march on Bud, his 10 year old "heavy
weight" (apprx.1300lb) Fox Trotter. This horse is the opposite of an ideal
Endurance prospect: big muscles, big neck, big everything. On top of that he
seems not to know how to foxtrot but does a variety of lateral gaits. I've
even seen him do a real trot (with tail straight up) in front of new mares
.... At longer trail rides he will fall into a four beat "race pace",
something close to a running walk (although he's missing the reach). My friend
was supprised though how well his horse did in their first LD ride. However
Bud needs a lot more long slow distance conditioning and therefore (lack of
time/conditioning) the two of them didn't make it to any other ride this year.
I've always been interested in Fox Trotters that are succesful in Endurance
Events since I really love them for their wonderful personalities and unique
gaits. I know that they do well in Competitive Trail Rides but I've only met a
few people that rode Fox Trotters in Endurance Rides. Those of you riding Fox
Trotters out there, are they really foxtrotting for 25, 50 and maybe 100 miles
and what are your experiences with the gaits? Don't you have to ride your
horse somewhat collected (meaning with contact on the bit) in order to get a
real foxtrot and how do you maintain this over a long distance?


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