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Daniel E. Hofford (dhofford@pacbell.net)
Tue, 02 Dec 1997 00:00:25 -0600

This is a question to all of you who board other people's horses. I've
never boarded a horse before so please excuse my ignorance.

I looked over a boarding facility and liked what I saw. They had large
pastures that had covers for shelter from the rain and sun and being in
S. Cal it doesn't ever get that cold that a good blanket wouldn't
Any one of the several spots opened would have been ok with me. They
didn't vary more than 10% in size from one another. The size of the
pastures where roughly 100' x 100'.

Before I could get my horse there, all the spots had been taken but
one. That was ok since I liked the one that was left and when my horse
got into it I was happy.

However, I've been told by management that the space will be cut in half
and that I will still be expected to pay the same amount of money since
they rent by the head and not by the space. I was told that other
people that have smaller spaces are all paying the same amount. I was
not happy. I've only just gotten here so there is no matter of false
this or that but I am surprised at the expectations.

Is there some etiquette among boarding facilities that they can set the
rules to satisfy their needs and the boarder be damned? Is this
behavior normal? It certainly isn't the way I would run a facility. If
I wanted more room for another horse I would cut the room my horse had,
not that of my boarder and then demand that he/she pay the same amount
of money.

And if you were a boarder would you be willing to pay the same price for
a 50' x 50' pasture as for a 100' x 100' pasture.

Can any one enlighten me?


Dan Hofford

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