Re: The best

Fred W Patrick (
Sun, 30 Nov 1997 15:35:06 -0600

> > What has really been a good buy and what has been a big bust?

My best buy has been the Professional Choice cinch. Even Neoprene
cinches would make rubs on my horse. She is very thin skinned. The Pro
Choice works beautifully!!! The only problem I had with it was an idiot
trainer who thought she knew more than I did about how tightly I should
cinch my horse. There is not much give in those and will make the horse
sore if they are too tight.

The worst I've bought would have to be all the blankets I have tried.
I was really upset with myself the other day when I really started
counting how many I have laying around.

Oh, well. Live and Learn.l

Marylee Patrick