The best

Kristen L Olko (
Sun, 30 Nov 1997 09:00:26 -0800

As the holidays approach and I get a mailbox stuffed with horsey catalogs
make me drool, I thought back and wondered how much of this stuff do I
really need?
What has really been a good buy and what has been a big bust? So, I give
to you these 2
questions. Think back apon all the tack/equipment that you have bought
for your endurance
habit. Pick the ONE best piece and tell why. Leave saddles out because
most would agree that
a fitting saddle is the very best thing to have. Let's just do
accessories. Type of bridle, pad, shoe,
breastcollar, etc. Then do the bust. I'll go 1st. The very best thing I
ever bought for my horse was
the Honeycomb hoof pad. It's a shock absorbing pad. It's not a total shoe
like Sneakers. It
goes under a regular shoe. It wears as long as a regular pad and cushions
like a regular pad,
but it also absorbs shock. My chiro said I would feel the difference in
my horse's gaits after an
adjustment. I didn't. I felt a BIG difference in her gaits after putting
the Honeycomb pads on. She
floats now. It's incredible. They are more expensive ($20 per pair), so I
only do the front. My goal is to
get all 4 feet done. The biggest bust for me was my neoprene girth. I got
it for a girth sensitive horse. I had
high hopes. It sored him big time. It also sored my tough skinned mare.
Now it only sores the wall
in the tackroom. What about you?