(Fwd) centella

Linnea Skoglund (skoglund@lamar.colostate.edu)
Fri, 14 Nov 1997 09:57:03 +0000

Ridecampers, we need your help! Centella, a 14 yr old Paso Fino
mare, was really miserable in our recent blizzard--she got a bit wet,
the wind was from the south, and she had to be blanketed. (yes, there
is shelter when horses will use it!) Well, she has a good coat, is
carrying good weight, and the current weather is less wet. This am
Centella is in bad shape, lots of shivering and really miserable.
She gets a lb. of sweetfeed (12percent) and about 12 lbs of alfalfa.
She is on Clovite which contains A, D, and B12. I hate to put her on
more hay because her weight is really good and I don't want to take
weight off her next spring, but if the recommendation is more wt.
then I'll do it. Also she does not have a mineral block. ANy
thoughts from people on the net? I know my vet won't be any help.
All the other horses are fine.


Linnea & Pesadill ( If I shiver can I wear a pretty blanket too?)

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