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<< Karen Tieg and I were on JWPR ride in 97. It was my first but I think
Karen's 5th. Sure hope to do it again in 98. Hardly a wilderness
experience but fun. Sure wouldn't want to do it without a gaited
horse! (Love my Paso Fino)
Mary, I've been riding in the mountains with Robin Dale. She asked me if I
knew you! We just did 15 miles in Teanaway Ridge Tr. , and Iron Bear , Wed.We
went to the top of Miller Peak and shouted hello! to the world! The sun set
in a golden glow as the full moon came up over the mountains, we ran into a
blowdown in the dark, and finished by moonlight.She does CMO. A real trooper.
I had a ball with Karen, too. We rode all over rimrock, down into canyons
with grass as tall as a horse's shoulder, at the ranch at Ewan, and she took
her horse swimming in the pond at the camp, there. Nice to meet, you; it
would be nice to connect your name witrh your face! I will be co-trail boss
in 1998. I've crossed the state 8 times with the same horse, on this ride.
Hope you do it again, people just want to keep coming back. Judy