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Fri, 14 Nov 1997 01:15:24 -0500 (EST)

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<< read with interest your description of the John Wayne Trail Ride. Do you
have a description or a map of where the trail actually goes? I saw you said
it starts in Snoqualmie Pass and ends in Idaho (I'm in northern Idaho), but
I'd like to know a little more precisely. Sounds like a FUN trip! Only $40
including food??? Or IS food included? I have a terrific friend in Oregon
who may be interested too-- I printed out your two Ridecamp posts about this,
and will wait to see your reply to this, then send the info to her. It'd be
fun if we could do it together :-)
The flyer has a map on it. It's great to team up with somebody to hiline to,
and ride with. In quiries should be made to JWPW & R Box 660, Carnation,
Ride ends at Tekoa, 30 mi. south of Spokane. They love us there, and make a
big deal out of it. One year we were invited to ride up to St. Maries, Ida.
for Idaho Centennial, and they brought out a calf on a spit, provided
entertainment, and had a mountain ride for us. Judy