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I'm a subscriber and read your recent postings and one can
conclude that you are an aussie fanatic.

I have one aussie called and marked 'Uralla Poley' made by a certain Mc
Clellar written on the fender.

The leather is of ouitstanding quality, like those very expensive italian

I like it very much.

The only big problem I experienced was that the flaps were too wide on the
part next to the horse shoulder : at the time the foreleg was extended to
theback, the flap touched every time. I decided to cut 3 centimeter of the
inside flap; now it is better and the overal shape of the outer flap is not
Also a bought a woolback pad with a foam insert : bad idea. Got white hairs
along the spine only on one side, because the foam rested to much on the
spine. Got rid of the foam and now it's better.

I bought it in Phoenix.

Do you know this saddlery?


Leonard, from Belgium (you know...this small country between France and

Hello Leonard from Belgium! I am 1/2 Belgium. My mother's parents emigrated
here.She went to Detroit did not know English, married, went to Alaska, built
a now historic home, and 6 chdildren, and then to Seattle, Washington , where
I am. She married a Goemaere. A Belgium friend of mine, Jacques Thiry built a
clipper 3-masted sailing ship there. They used it in movie "Roots". Do you
know these names?
I love my Aussie! I started a store in 1988 that only sells Aussie saddles.
The importers tell me, they think I am the 1st one in the USA. I have
learned from the Australians. Web pages are: which
is going to change URL and has inventory.
The bottom flap you mentioned, is designed to ride over the shoulder, as the
whole saddle is designed to carry you forward, making it easier for the horse
to carry you.. When it is broke-in, it will have a wave in it, as the girth
presses through the center into the girth channel, and the flap moulds to the
shape of the horse, over the shoulder. The shoulder has no problem working
under it. I'm glad it worked for you.
Many small burgs have their own saddler. The quality is legendary.They don't
cut quality to save money like in the USA, they just raise their prices. I
will try to find out more for you, as I know who to ask. Judy