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Mon, 10 Nov 1997 00:28:48 -0500 (EST)

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<< s anyone on the list using one of those under the saddle temperature
monitors? >>
well .. i have been using my home made job.. i posted this on the list a few
times.. may be in the archives..

the one unit that is 'manufactured' cost about $160 and was taken from this
idea I wrote about some years back..
there was a number of good articles in trail blazer about a year ago.. all to
the poitn ..written by dr jeannie waldron..

el cheapo tempo guage

go to radio shack
get the indoor outdoor temp unit model that costs $16.. its 2x3 inch

install the battery.
set to OUT
put silicon or shoe goop on all the holes.. to keep out water
put in a heavy plastic pouch put out about 2 feet of the otuside tmep
sensor cable.

seal up the pouch ..
tie to front of saddle

put the small probe under the saddle pad

walla-- you know know the working temp of the skin surface under the
it is about 1 to 2 deg f lower then the rectal temp..

to test.. go for a fast hot ride get him hot..

about 1 hour or more..
get off take the rectal temp.. note the delta compared to the on-board unit.


if the under saddle temp is over 102 you are too hot
101 is ok
under 100
dont put water on the horse..

over 103 the horse is cooked.

neat tool i use it during the summer rides,,

gota do something for entertainment on the slow 50s.. hr is boring..haha

so if you dont want to do this yourself..
we just happen to sell the above toy.. HA a crass ad rats..

we call it the V-MAX TEMPO.. and to compensate me for all my work
and getting the pouch made.. we sell them for $40

not really needed but fun to play with.. you do get some neat info..

like hr is ok but the temp is going up.. an early warning to slow down of get
water on the horse..

roger r