Sore sides

Kristen L Olko (
Sun, 9 Nov 1997 21:42:24 -0800

Help me, please. My horse has started getting "sore sides" At her last
ride , in Aug. - short
hair, the vet gave her a B on wounds. Not seeing anything, I asked why.
He ran his hand,
against the hair grain, along her side and she flinched. Well, I haven't
had a problem since.
Until today. It happened again. A longer ride with a longer coat produced
the same thing. I
use a Skito pad. The cover gets washed after every ride. The foam inserts
have never been
since the 1st time (disaster) months ago. I rinse her back after each
ride (as much as possible)
Her back was rinsed today and the pad cover was clean. I use a capful of
Woolite when washing,
but only a single rinse. Any ideas? I've got a race this weekend and
want to fix things as much as I
can (before she bites me : ) ).