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Truman Prevatt (
Mon, 3 Nov 1997 11:04:46 -0500

>I'm concerned about misinformation on this one. I have the fold out
>ads here from last months Equus (rather extensive on both Quest and
>Ivermectin... sometimes ads are informative). Niether Quest nor
>Ivermectin claim to be effective at all on tape worms. My vet indicated
>that Ivermectin was not effective against tapes and that I should infact
>rotate Strongid (I use the paste) in. He indicated that a double dose
>of Strongid paste would clear out tapes and that I should do this once
>a year. I have not yet had a chance to talk to him about where Quest
>might fit into this schedule (It probably should) but I do intend to ask
>him just that within the next month. From the ads, this is my impression:
>Quest does not kill as many different worms as Ivermectin.
>Neither Quest nor Ivermectin will kill tapes
>Quest's new action is it will kill encysted small strongyles
>Ivermectin does not kill encysted small strongyles
>Killing encysted small strongyles once in a while might be a good idea

I was at a ride this weekend. Yes we are starting our season down here in
FL - yea. I asked the ride vet about Quest and his comments were "I sure
would not change a worming program based on this product." He went on to
say that the best way to kill tapes is Strongid P - probably a double dose,
or Strongid C - daily worming. He also said there had been a lot of
evidence that foals given Strongid C had much less problems with "the
snots". The theory is that many respiratory problems in foals is caused by
migrating larva. Many of the racing quarter horse breeders are also
reporting that horses put on Strongid C as a foal are must less likely to
be bleeders when they reach racing age.

The last tidbit was that many people now believe you can get the same
protection by giving Strongid C every third day.


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