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Re: Fats, glycogen, creatine loads, doo dah doo dah...

Linda VanCeylon (LVanCeylon@vines.ColoState.EDU)
Thu, 24 Apr 97 16:58:32 -0600

On Thu, 24 Apr 1997 08:53:15 -0700 "Susan F. Evans"
<suendavid@worldnet.att.net> writes:

>> So I'm telling my folks to get off the high fat feeds (anything over
>. However, the short answer is, I agree with you 100%
>that high fat is great for endurance horses, but a VERY poor choice
>TB and SB.

Hi Susan and Tom,

About 6 weeks ago I went to a lecture by a PhD applicant for a position in
the Ex. Sport Sci. Dept. here at CSU. The candidate was David D. Dyck,
PhD., Dept. of Kenesiology, Univ. of Watterloo, Ontario, Canada. (He
graduated from Guelpf <sp>). The topic was his fatty acid metabolism
research not quite published at that time. He didn't get the job here, but
the lecture was interesting to me for three specific reasons: 1) he said
the fats in diet research field is wide open and has little history (this
study is supposedly about all that's going on), 2) there were some very
interesting correlations presented in that study between concurrent
metabolism of carbos/fats, 3) fatty acid metab noticeably kicks in after 30
min (?don't have my notes) of consistent exercise. There was some more
stuff presented that I could not totally understand with my limited
background, but ---lots of food for thought.

If one or both of you would like to contact him and find out more about
this, that would be great. (He's a really nice guy). Not being the
experts that you guys are, I could not assimilate all the info he threw out
in that 45 min. But, this info is all brand new and might be valuable to
this discussion. It appeared as though his research was solid and well
controlled. He was using lab rat muscle to analyze, & using TENS. Also,
did some treadmill stuff with the rats & measured conditioning.

I've been kicking this fat thing around a little, also. Two years ago, I
stopped supplementing my mare with oil, as I had been, due to a more
"purist" feeding attitude I'd drifted toward. I've noticed a marked
increase in recovery time at vet checks since then. But, I'd blamed this
change in performance on another occurrence 2.5 years ago when my mare
almost died of septicemia. I decided after that event, I'd have to
essentially start from scratch with her cardiovascular conditioning. So, I
backed off in her training and brought her on again slowly. I'd been
warned by a couple of Vets that there could be heart damage. This could be,
but I don't know of a reliable way to find this out.

After the fatty acid lecture and some info in my nutrition class, I decided
to give the vegetable oils a try again. So, she's on about 4oz of veg. oil
per day now. (depending on work-load) That increases her fat intake ~6%.
It was probably @ ~3% before. I'll increase it by another ~3% if the
weather ever gets decent enough to do some consistent training.

I'm thinking she won't intake enough carbs to sustain her at the aerobic
fitness level she once had. And, the fats should help her burn fat better.
Maybe help calm her down some too. I'm hoping this season will
demonstrate whether the fats will make any difference in her performance.

Let me know if you would like to contact Dr. Dyck. I'll find out the best
way to get hold of him.

Linda Van Ceylon

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