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"Expensive" mohair girths around these parts go for between $15 and $20,
far cheaper than the girths of other material (i.e. leather) that I buy.
I have never priced neoprene ones, but are they really cheaper than $15 or
are other people paying more for mohair than I am?

I must confess to total confusion on this. I find mohair perfectly ideal
for a number of reasons:

It holds the saddle in place well.
It is very easy to clean and care for (just throw it in the washing
mmachine or hose it off).
You can easily die it any color you want (if you want it to match your
horse...which is what is expected in the hunter/jumper and dressage rings)


They are dirt cheap, as far as I am concerned.

It would never occur to me to describe a $15 girth as expensive. What is
the cost of a neoprene one?

Orange County, Calif.

All the string cinches our tack store had, were synthetic. The
pure mohair, roper cinch with stainless steel rings I bought came to
about $40, including tax, AND I had to make guards to go behind the
rings, since I don't like the bare ring against the horse.

There were other things I didn't like about it. It got slimy with
sweat and stayed wet overnight. If you rode on the beach and kicked
up any sand, it would get worked into the cinch, and was impossible
to clean out on the ride. It picked up burrs.

The neoprene cinches I bought were about $22. They have neoprene
BEHIND the ring. You hose them off, and 15 minutes later they are
clean AND dry.

If mohair works for you, great! I just didn't like it!


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