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Re: Rotations at the Carpus

Jude Hall (Hall@cc.denison.edu)
Mon, 21 Apr 1997 13:30:01 -0400 (EDT)

>In a message dated 97-04-21 12:16:50 EDT, you write:

Tom, thanks for replying - but not knowing of your off-line
discussions, the on-line comment did seem insulting! After all,
you had been calling most every alternative therapy "quack".

And, yes, I did smile at your comment, then thought how
insulting it was to Jim! Glad to hear that you are
indeed being open-minded....

Jude Hall
who does enjoy ti's posts when they aren't slamming others....much
good info comes from him to this group.

>Jude, it just so happens that Jim and I are having a nice discussion offline
>about what rolfing is and I'm learning a hell of a lot--let me tell you about
>it, see if I've got it right so far:
>Rolfing is relaxing or losening fascia. Fascia is the connective tissue that
>surrounds most organs in the body--the sacs that keep these organs from
>sloshing around.
>I see an application for rolfing as follows: Whenever we exercise a horse
>with a lot of LSD and not much event-specific work, we always get real hard
>muscles. These aren't actually hard muscles but hard, thick fascia
>surrounding the muscles.
>Then, when we finally get around to doing race-specific work, we start
>pumping up those muscles with fuel and they start expanding--into tough
>fascia bags that don't have the room, or the inclination, to expand. The
>result: compartmental syndrome, which looks a hell of a lot like tying up. If
>rolfing could be brought in at the right time, severe muscle damage, and
>sometimes death, might just be avoided in these cases.
>Now, this is the discussion Jim and I are having due to the passages you have
>cited as outrageously insulting. Do you have any humor in your soul? Jim

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