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Rotations at the Carpus

Fri, 18 Apr 1997 15:35:34 -0400 (EDT)

Ever wish you didn't write something. I was really getting tired of Bull
Poops, so I changed the subject.
As far as the credentials of the individuals we'll ask this question, about
rotation at the carpus, I think DVMs are the primary group we should ask. I
would encourage others, Massage Therapists, Trainers, Farriers and etc. be
asked as well. The bottom line for my horses is that I'm going to talk to my
vet first. This is what I require from my clients as well.
Tom the xrays you're looking for aren't going to happen. Who has the Money
for that?
I hope we can keep this friendly and informative. Let each of us make up our
own mind and change it as many times as you want. No one's keeping score.
I'm going to contact Wayne McElwraith, this will take a couple of weeks. I'll
see the vet. prof. I know on the 28th. At an Alternative Therapist meeting in
I'll call Nacy Loving, she's my vet. Rhonda Rodman, DVM, CHiro. and I'll call
Dr. Hanneman in Park City, unless Truman wants to.
Steph, is this the proper use of the List?

jim pascucci
Certified Rolfer

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