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Duncan Fletcher (dfletche@gte.net)
Sun, 20 Apr 1997 23:33:11 -0700

As I understand, Ca has no relationship to stones. They are ammonia
magnesium phosphate The culprit is probably high protein (resulting in high
ammonia production) and/or high magnesium. Alfalfa can be high in
magnesium. Brans are also high in magnesium.

Duncan Fletcher

> From: gerhardt <gerhardt@theriver.com>
> Susan,
> Another effect of alfalfa over time is that because of the out of kilter
> calcium to phosphorus ratio, the horses on alfalfa diets will be prone to
> develop kidney and bowel stones. So, people try to counteract this by
> feeding bran, with the idea that the phosphorus content of the bran will
> put the calcium phosphorus ratio back into balance, and thus prevent the
> stones. My vet told me that a study she read showed that feeding bran
> unfortunately has the opposite effect, and in fact *promotes* the
> of the stones!
> [snip]
> Annette

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