ridecamp@endurance.net: Saddle fitting in San Diego area?

Saddle fitting in San Diego area?

Niccolai Murphy (hlurphy@socal.wanet.com)
Sun, 20 Apr 1997 16:16:52 -0700

Anyone out there know of someone with a method of mesuring saddle fit in
or near the San Diego area? After a thousand or so miles under a Sports
Saddle Hal has progressively become pretty back sore. Can't put my
finger on it no dry spots or other tell tales. On the other hand he's
out grown (or rather redistributed his muscle mass and put some fat on)
since I've had him and we've been through four saddles so far (in a
year), each one was a "good fit" for about four months before dry spots
started appearing due to his morphing. The Sports Saddle was a last
ditch effort.


Open the bay door please, Hal.

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