ridecamp@endurance.net: CA PROTECTIVE HEADGEAR -- MISSING FACTS ?


JOSEPH PETER UHLARIK JR (jpu@kaiwan009.kaiwan.com)
Tue, 8 Apr 1997 21:05:06 -0700 (PDT)

After reading on the internet a copy of AB309 (do not ask me which
version it was :-> thank you :-) ) several interesting points directly
and peripherially related to the bill are on my mind.

1. Who is the organization (University of Colorado something or other ow
whatever) that has or is establishing the standard that theheadgear
needs to meet?

2. How does this standard compare to the current ATSM/SEI standard that
is used for headgear for horse people?

3. Has anyone researched the current ATSM/SEI standards?

4. For what it is worth, when I read a copy awhile back I distinctly remember
that the standard that I read mentioned that the requirements recognized
that aesthetics and light weight were requirements.

(FWIW, if I may interject my own opinion, that tells me that it is very
likely that the standard is a compromise. It is not designed to be as
safe as it could be.)

5. Several or more years ago, while watching some high goal polo players,
I became curious about the helmets that they wore. One day while I was
in Burbank Pet (or whatever the name of that store near the LA Equestrian
Center was called when it was still in business) and asked to look at
the helmets they had for polo. I remarked that they looked like motorcycle
helmets. The person working in the store said that they were motorcycle

6. For what it is worth, I also looked at some other helmet requirement
including football helmets. Although certain things in the testing differed
I did not see anything IN THE NUMBERS that really differentiated the helmets.

7. Being mindful of what I just said above in 6, I also noted that the
amount of the head that needs to be covered is not that much, based on
what I have seen.

8. Has anyone paid attention to the discliamer that is often seen in
some way shape or form when helmets are offered for saile?

9. Has anyone followed through on the part of the disclaimer that indicates
that safer helmets may be possible and that safer helmets may already

10. Personally, I have made my own judgement that a full face motorcycle
helmet (thanks polo players for pointing me in the correct direction :-) )
is the appropriate approach for me. (A significant, but not the only
factor, is that much more of the head is protected.) is what is
APPROPRIATE FOR ME. (That is a PERIOD there :-) )

Ooops, that is full faced without the visor just so I do not mislead
anyone. No I am not interested in getting into a big discussion about this

11. Based on item 10 above, does the new bill mean that I will not be able
to wear such a helmet legally?

12. As written, does anyone else agree with me that it should be hilarious
watching all the fans file into a major racetrack such as Hollywood Park
or Santa Anita while wearing helmets.

13. Will it also be hilarious to see truck drivers that transport horses
(including the major race horses) be wearing helmets inside the truck as
they drive and as they load and unload the truck.

14. In the barn area at the major tracks, will all the miscellaneous (meaning
those not directly working with the horse industry) people (cafeteria workers
in the barn area at Santa Anita for example) need to wear helmets while
they transition through the barn area and as they are working in the
cafeteria? What about folks that might only make a business call in the
area as part of their job? Will farriers comply or give up their business?

15. I have other comments but perhaps it is best to not express them at
this time. (Wonder what they might be. :-) :-| :-( :-> :-^

Enough for now (but remember while now is always with us, it does not
last very long) :-)

Joe jpu@kaiwan.com

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