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Re: underwear

wood.cameron (wood.cameron@acd.net)
Sun, 06 Apr 97 22:17:42 PDT

Glad you said it for me *grin*......you're not the
only one who prefers to ride in a comfy cotton "thong". I thought I was
alone, and I wasn't about to go shouting my secret to everybody! They do
solve the chafing problem entirely, and there's no excess material to "ride
up" as you're posting down the trail. Just takes a little getting used to
and then it's one less thing to think about.....
Shannon Weston (the one with no panty lines!)
Laingsburg, Mi

You wrote:
> Ok, at the risk of embarassing myself, here goes... = )
> I have always used "string bikini" (now you all will be picturing me in
> my
> underwear if you meet me in person = ) cotton underwear. I make sure to
> a big enough size so I don't have to pull them out of my rear (This is
> getting graphic...) all day. The style is very plain, no ruffles or lace
> other silly decorations and I have always felt the "minimal fabric" style
> has been EXTREMELY comfortable for any athletic activity - aka there isn't
> enough fabric around my legs to chafe me. I also love the comfort of lycra
> type bike short so the underwear styled the same way might be comfy also,
> have never tried it.
> Forgive me if I have offend anyone with too much detail.
> Jacqueline and Winza

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