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Jacqueline Mansfield (jaxson@leopard.com)
Wed, 02 Apr 1997 07:59:51 -0700

At 08:37 AM 4/2/97 -0600, you wrote:
>rAt 01:16 PM 4/1/97 -0800, AFA@co.clark.nv.us wrote:
>>I also would like to hear about comfortable underwear! I get chafed too
>>from the elastic leg openings
>hmmm I don't have this problem but have wondered if it's worth paying for
>Tina - thinking this thread could get good

Ok, at the risk of embarassing myself, here goes... = )

I have always used "string bikini" (now you all will be picturing me in my
underwear if you meet me in person = ) cotton underwear. I make sure to get
a big enough size so I don't have to pull them out of my rear (This is
getting graphic...) all day. The style is very plain, no ruffles or lace or
other silly decorations and I have always felt the "minimal fabric" style
has been EXTREMELY comfortable for any athletic activity - aka there isn't
enough fabric around my legs to chafe me. I also love the comfort of lycra
type bike short so the underwear styled the same way might be comfy also, I
have never tried it.

Forgive me if I have offend anyone with too much detail.

Jacqueline and Winza


Author owned by Winza, 14 year old Crabbet Arabian gelding

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