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Re: Comfortable riding tights

tina hicks (hickst@puzzler.nichols.com)
Fri, 04 Apr 1997 11:38:25 -0600

At 11:47 AM 4/4/97 -0500, Flemmer, Linda wrote:
>Since we are talking comfortable riding clothes...
>I had several pair of pants that I had "rode to death" by the beginning
>of last season. Enough folks raved about Carrousel's padded riding
>tights that I decided to try a pair - I love them!!!

I like mine too but they do tear and briars are hell on them....and they are
not cheap of course (nothing any good is) so I have taken to wearing legging
tights (like what they well to wear with a baggy sweater or like full length
tights for the gym) for my alot of my regular riding to try to save my good
tights for rides. You can get legging/tights from tons of places (LL Bean,
Lands End, etc).

( I can't find running tights long enough or I'd go that route for my
everyday wear.)

They can be found for about $20/pr and I have been using a pair from LL
Bean for several months now - they are showing some wear but doing fine -
especially since they are not intended for such abuse! I figure even if they
only last 6 months I'm money ahead.

I just can't justify the wear and tear everyday use seems to put on the
pricier carousel tights.

Tina - whose carousel tights have one big hole and a smaller hole in them
right now that needs to be fixed but no one wants to handle that fabric.
They do not do well being fixed by hand :-)

Linda is right - the nylon is slick but great in the rain. I had to get used
to wearing them on an Passier - which is a slick saddle. I have developed
some major stick-um over the last year or so :-)

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