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Re: immune system stimulants

Janet Evans (JEvans@linotype.co.uk)
Wed, 2 Apr 1997 19:34:21 +0000

Hi John,

I've had problems with my horse having sarcoids, my vet suggested that it was
partly an immune deficiency that made him more susceptible to the sarcoids, I
recently started giving him Achineacia a homeopathic remedy known for boosting
the immune system. Whilst I don't know whether it's helping the sarcoids, I can
definitely say that the occasional stable cough, and snotty nose he had during/
after exercise have disappeared, so would say it's got to be worth a try. I
bought this from my local health food shop and just put 20 drops on something
he'll eat three times a day.

Hope this helps

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Subject: immune system stimulants
Author: "John & Sue Greenall" <greenall@vermontel.com> at email
Date: 02/04/97 08:34

I have recently ventured into the world of alternative medicine and
have great interest in the practice of using immune system stimulants
to either prevent or help heal. I have been introduced to several
methods of which I would love to hear more. I am presently dealing
with a particularly stubborn upper respiratory "thing" (pretty sure
it is a virus) that has taken it's time going through the barn and
manifested itself in various forms, from an occaisional cough while
exexercising to full blown snots. Bummer is that I have already
pulled from the first ride due to lack of conditioning on two of my
three horses. If use of these products would be protective, I would
never go ANYWHERE again without using them. I picked this up very
innocently, and we all deal with this type of exposure.
Injection or ingestions of colloidal silver
Injection of an anthelmintic (Tramisol*) at day 1,3,7,14,21
Double dose of Panacure for 5 days
Garlic C in the feed.

If any one has used any of these methods, could you tell me what you
thought? Were there any side effects? Are they legal before a ride?
John and Sue Greenall

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