ridecamp@endurance.net: New Mexico Renegade Ride

New Mexico Renegade Ride

Stephanie Teeter (step@fsr.com)
Wed, 2 Apr 1997 10:04:03 -0500

I just read Randy's post on the ride. It was a truly exceptional experience.
The logistics of marking and managing 285 miles of trail through such hard
country must be incredible, but I never saw Randy waiver from his cheerful
helpful demeanor. An excellent job - the vets were friendly and helpful, the
management team was always tremendous. The trail was tough - rock,
sand, mountains - wind!!, rain, cold, hot sun - we had it all. I took both my
Orlov/Arab horses (I rode one, my friend Michelle rode the other) with the hopes of
riding slow and finishing all 5 days. And we did it!! They had had arena work all
winter, plus a month of riding on county roads, but nothing over 25 miles since
last October. They came through in excellent condition - the last day was their
strongest. The only problem they had was becoming footsore - even with pads
on, the rocks started bothering them. We put on easy boots over their shoes
and pads at midweek and it made a world of difference - couldn't have finished
without them.

I'm writing an article on our experience - will post it to the web a little later.

Thank you Randy for an amazing ride!!!


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