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the LONG trail...

Reynolds, Nikki (jakar@aiinc.com)
Tue, 01 Apr 1997 05:40:58 -0800

I agree with Linda that we need to make sure our horses are getting
enough rest. Another thing I haven't seen discussed is the need to get
the hours in under saddle to psychologically prepare the team for actual
race conditions.
Jakar and I spend many long hours out in the desert in training. Not
all that time is physically demanding. I just want him to relax and
take it in stride that we're not going to be going out and right back
home all the time. Problems with tack fit and rider clothing tend to
become apparent on these rides. It also helps immensely with horses
that are hesitant to drink just anywhere. They quickly learn that water
better be taken where it's offered. Just be sure to pay careful
attention to your horse and stop when enough is enough or things aren't
going right. You sure don't want to get into trouble twenty miles from
Hehe...I know of one lady who's horse colicked during a desert ride and
she went to the nearest house for help. It was a cathouse in the
boonies and the very rotund madam came flouncing out in a lounge outfit
to help! The vet came and treated the horse right there in the parking
lot and the horse recovered fine. Made an interesting story to tell the
Happy Riding!, Nikki

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