ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: An indelicate problem

Re: An indelicate problem

Becky Huffman (hhcc1@htcomp.net)
Sat, 22 Mar 1997 20:59:27 -0600

Shadow carries his tail high and to the right. When he is really rolling,
it will be higher and 'righter' than ever. As I neatly French braid his
beautiful, long, full tail you can imagine the view anyone behind me has,
especially since he tends to be a little 'loose' (you know what I mean)
during a ride. It keeps his tail fairly clean, but I have lost a few
riding buddies who don't have the stomach to 'ride drag' and don't have
enough horse to 'ride scout'

Becky (with an attitude!)
Semper Fi & The ShadowRat
Huffman Horse and Cattle Company
Fine Endurance Arabians and 'Horned Cows'

> From: Trishmare@aol.com
> To: ridecamp@endurance.net
> Subject: An indelicate problem
> Date: Saturday, March 22, 1997 3:40 PM
> OK ridecampers, here is a question for you--My arab David has a strange,
> ah, problem. He has a beautiful silver streaked gray tail which he
> when moving well up--even higher than what is typical for this breed.
> very classy and was in fact one of the factors which caused me to buy him
( a
> minor one ). The problem is that when he is moving faster than a walk,
> first several strands of his flagged tail get sucked into the orifice
> the recycled hay comes out--this happens under saddle or out in the
> doesn't matter. Now, it doesn't seem to bother David, and I don't know
if it
> would affect his endurance career (which hasn't begun yet), but it can't
> comfortable. riders behind us tell me it makes them uncomfortable just
> look at, and besides, it makes his tail all icky, as you can imagine. It
> only happens to the first several pieces or strands and I suppose I could
> just cut them off--but I hate to mess up the looks of his gorgeous
> Trish & "pretty David (with the
> yucky tail)"

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