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Rocky Mtn. Gaited

outwestposse (OutWestPosse@msn.com)
Sun, 23 Mar 97 01:26:45 UT

Not to get back on the gaited subject....because we have been there, I only
want to know if anyone knows of someone who has done endurance or competitive
trail with a Rocky Mtn. Gaited horse.

I have just purchased my first one, and was curious.

Of course he is only 10 months old so I have several years to go.

I did have my first outing on my 4 year old arab mare today. For the first day
ever on a trail she did real good. I was so pleased and the day was beautiful.
It's so much fun to get out after not ridding much at all this winter. Yee-
Ha, I have spring fever now!

Now we just have to work on things like trailer loading(she hates it),
crossing water and mountain bikes.

The saga goes on as it always does with a young one.

(OOPS....I keep spelling riding----ridding, I must be a rocket scientist in

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