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Re: carb food

Jerry & Susan Milam (jdmilam@fwb.gulf.net)
Sat, 22 Mar 1997 06:16:42 -0800

Tivers@aol.com wrote:
> << What are some examples of feeding high carb food instead of protein
> food? Why does this help eliminate sore muscles?
> At the end of tough exercise, muscle cells are energy depleted and
> floodedwith waste products that need to be hauled off--if they're not
> hauled off,the begin producing loads of free radicals and more damage
> ensues. A jolt ofenergy at this time seems to be just the thing to
> enable the muscles to clearaway some of the debris and avoid Delayed
> Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).
> ti


I'm so glad your'e back and actively participating again:)!

When I first got on the group list, you recommended the GNC product
"Heavy Weight Gainer" powder...vanilla flavored. That has been the best
purchase I've made in years. It really does alleviate at least 50% of the
muscle soreness in me and I'm sure my horse feels the same way.

I use it pre-ride and post ride if it's LD. My friend who is doing 2
day 100's now uses it pre-ride, once during and finishing the ride each
day. The horses are done pre and post.

It's a great product! Thanks for recommending it.:)

Happy Tails

Susan & Sabian (can't wait for Million Pines..hehe)

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