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Re: Gaited Breeds

Reynolds, Nikki (jakar@aiinc.com)
Tue, 11 Mar 1997 21:35:35 -0800

.. either the Paso Fino or Peruvian
> Paso that is prone to suspensory ligament problems...

Well Cheryl, I can't keep it straight either, but my friend rides a
Peruvian two to three times a week and has trouble with him stocking up
after workouts. I trot for 10-15 miles on my Arab and she has to do a
very frantic eggbeater gait or canter to keep up. (My horse isn't fast
either.) We've been training together for three years now and her poor
horse has such a hard time. He's got the radiator body, but sweats
profusely. I have a feeling it's because that horse has to take so many
more steps to go the same speed as my trotting Arab. Our farrier says
he's seen too many of them with blown suspensories and mule-like feet.
I hope this stocking up isn't a sign of impending disaster.

If I were to buy a 3rd horse it would be a gaited one, so in
> between my Jihad wrecks (spent 2 days in the hospital last week, my fault
> totally) I would have an ouch free horse to ride:}...

I'm not so sure about that one either. My Arab has to lead the way for
the Peruvian Chicken <g>, and when there's a blowup, it's her horse, not
mine. She almost got bucked off this weekend when I had the unmitigated
gall to go out ahead of her in a group and her horse got mad. What a
temper!! Of course, this is just one horse, and you can't judge the
whole lot by one apple.
Happy and SAFER Trails!!, Nikki

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