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RE:Gaited vs. Arab

Helga Loncosky (hblmh@ptd.net)
Wed, 12 Mar 1997 00:20:50 -0500

Annette wrote
>>You also noted that Misty has quite a temperament. Is that necessary for
good endurance horse, do you think? This is why I asked why in the world
people would ride the horses I saw being described. If an
temperament is a requirement for endurance horses, I can see it will
be a sport I would enjoy. I like being safe! At 46, I don't bounce like
used to, it breaks more easily, and takes longer to heal! I will add
the temperament that I saw in Walkers, not to mention the gait
practiced in that breed, is why I did not go into them when I left
and instead went into Mountain Horses

I have both an Arab, and Morgans. I have been fortunate that my guys have
bomb proof personalities, while being very compettative and forward going.
I have never experienced any of the nightmares described here yet with my
own horses. Others, yes. Mine, no. In fact, when someone unexperienced or
timid wants to try and ride, or do a weekend trail ride, I always give my
Morgan gelding to them, and he takes care of them as if they were a baby.

Dave Bennet is right, humans often discuss what is wrong or bad, and don't
spend enough time on what is right and good! So I thought I'd let you know,
not all of these animals are super hot or difficult.Some are just
wonderful, and I would never trade them for anything!

Helga B. Loncosky

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