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Re: article in Practical Horseman

tina hicks (hickst@puzzler.nichols.com)
Tue, 04 Mar 1997 07:31:42 -0600

At 01:15 PM 3/3/97 -0800, Jessica Tuteur wrote:
>Offering free choice salts and minerals is basically the same as feeding
>electrolytes except that you are relying on the horse to make the decision
>that he/she needs replenishment right????
Well, not exactly....don't we syringe cause we know we are using (or going
to use) the horse's resources faster than he can replenish them? There also
may not be time or inclination for the horse to take in what he needs free
choice in the space of each vet check so we make sure he gets a specific
dose cause we know what the workload is gonna be whereas he doesn't.
Huntsville, AL

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