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Sugar Beet

Andrea Waistell (Andrea.Waistell@ncl.ac.uk)
Tue, 4 Mar 1997 12:54:45 GMT

Hi Everybody,

Here in the Uk there was a feed survey of endurance riders done about 3/4
years ago and it came out that 90%+ people feed sugar beet. Here in the
north east of England we don't get the extremes of temps you get in certain
parts of the US so I am able to soak up enough beet for 2 or 3 days at a
time in the winter. But in a hot summer it is almost impossible as it seems
to go off as it is soaking.

In the UK the bags have a warning to say if being feed to horses it must be
soaked for 24 hours (you can get away with 12 but not recommended.)

In my feeding program I always feed quite a bit, and both my horses have
done well on it.

We now have a new product introducted about 18 months ago called Ulta beet
which can be feed without soaking, basicially it looks like the producers
have already soaked it then dried it before bagging. You can wet again in
the feed but it looks really awful and it works out much more expensive than
buying the pellets and soaking even with the time factor.

Good Riding our season is finally underway in the UK!!!

Andrea Waistell
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