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ride descriptions

Susan F. Evans (suendavid@worldnet.att.net)
Fri, 28 Feb 1997 16:43:53 -0800

The ride descriptions of Fireworks and Camp Far West are TERRIFIC! Has
anyone thought of putting something into the archives with a brief
description of (gulp) all the rides? I know there are alot of riders
that are already familiar with rides, trails, campgrounds, etc, but ALOT
of riders AREN'T if they haven't done that ride before. Haven't we all
been discussing that we-wish-we'd-known-what-that-ride-was-like and that
when we were rookies we needed more info but didn't know the right
questions to ask? I know whenever I'm planning what rides to go to, one
of the main things I want to see in the ride entry is a good description
of what to expect. The problem is that ride flyers usually don't tell
you the things that were just posted by Kimberley---i.e., be sure to
bring a rump rug, be prepared for crowds, bring your own water, etc.,
all of which I would find very helpful. Comments?

Since everyone's being so great about describing rides, how 'bout some
input on the Mustang Classic in San Jose? Along with everything else,
is the road 152 that connects I-5 to the 101 an OK road for big rigs or
is it better to continue up north to the 580 and come back down through
San Jose (I hate driving in city traffic if I can avoid it)?


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