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25milers in Ca

Reeves, Brian (genus!genuscvd!G291@uunet.uu.net)
Fri, 28 Feb 97 07:51:00 PST

Camp Far West is a fun ride. Last year there was alot of people there. 174
riders started the 50, and 70 started the 25. Terrain is rolling hills with
no serious climbs. Completion award was a sweatshirt(nice).
Fireworks 30 is also a fun ride, going thru the redwood forests, and out to
the coast. It has some deep sand in the first part of the ride, but it's
not for very long. Good food, nice completion awards, great people.
Both of these rides are good and you should be able to complete.
As far as American River goes, at the convention I saw a sign saying that
because of flooding, the ride has been moved to Oct. 11. I don't know for
sure because I have not called the ride manager yet. (I was going to do the
70) Might have to find another ride around that time.

Brian Reeves
Ride Manager
Quicksilver Fall Classic 25/50

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